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PostSubject: PLATE OF HONOR   Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:20 pm

Honor Quests
Depending on which honor level you have, the Officer will give you other quests when you hand him over a Plate of Honor. Each quest has its own reward. The higher the quest level, the harder it is to complete, the more honor you gain from it.

1. Level 2 Honor Quest: (2.000 Honor) 15 Books taken from Death Soldier in Undead Ground.
2. Level 3 Honor Quest: (4.000 Honor) 20 Books taken from Death Giant in Undead Ground.
3. Level 4 Honor Quest: (7.272 Honor) 25 Books taken from Wraith in Undead Ground.
4. Level 5 Honor Quest: (11.428 Honor) 30 Books taken from Ogre in Lake in Dusk.
5. Level 6 Honor Quest: (17.777 Honor) 35 Books Taken from Minotaurus in Lake in Dusk.
6. Level 7 Honor Quest: (27.826 Honor) 40 Books taken from Invader Mechazard in Ruina Station.
7. Level 8 Honor Quest: (42.666 Honor) 45 Books taken from Invader Auto Cannon-ex in Ruina Station.
8. Level 9 Honor Quest: (64.000 Honor) 50 Books taken from Flesh Golem in Tower of the Death.
9. Level 10 Honor Quest: (64.000 Honor) 55 Books taken from Phantom Bladers in B2F.
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