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PostSubject: CHAOS TIMES AND MOB LIST FOR ALL LVLS   Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:33 pm

The Chaos Arena has also declared a new schedule to help keep the warriors trained in-between wars. The times are listed below in OGP time.

Chaos Arena times
0:00 OGP time = 3 AM EST
4:00 OGP time = 7 AM EST
8:00 OGP time = 11 AM EST
12:00 OGP time = 3 PM EST
16:00 OGP time = 7 PM EST
20:00 OGP time = 11 PM EST

You can only use one circle per entrance

Types of Mobs and Their Spawn
The mobs in Chaos Arena is completely different from the ones you see in normal maps. They have been strengthened at least 2~6 times their normal counterparts. The thing you also have to note is the style and range of each mobs. Since they spawn by 36 mobs, if you don't take care of them quickly, you will be taking a large damage; thus, the success depends all on the person luring the mobs into one spot.

Chaos Arena Lv. 1: -Level range: 30~60 -Required item: Miracle Key Lv. 1-Required item material: Upgrade Core (Low) + Royal fixer Lvl 1. +Raw Platinum Formula Card Lv. 1

1st: Mummy Blader
2nd: Archionis
3rd: Archionis
4th: Ape
5th: Craig Crab
6th: Dark Soldier
7th: Auto Cannon-OP
8th: Dark Blader
9th: Mechamander
10th: Orc
11th: Zidgris Faello

Chaos Arena Lv. 2: -Level range: 61~80-Required item: Miracle Key Lv. 2-Required item material: Upgrade Core (Medium) + Royal Fixer Lvl 2. + Raw Platinum Piece, Formula Card Lv. 2

1st: Lug Queen
2nd: Mecha Ape Archer+
3rd: Gray Orc
4th: Brave Knoll Mage
5th: Naga Warrior (I don't know what that is either)
6th: Ice Hound Zombies
8th: Frozen Zombie Watcher
9th: Vuischekra
10th: Anelion
11th: Mergaheph

Chaos Arena Lv. 3:-Level range: 81~94-Required item: Miracle Key Lv. 3-Required item material: Upgrade Core (High) + Royal fixer Lvl 3. + Raw Platinum , Formula Card Lv. 3

1st: Invader Mecha Ape
2nd: Ballu
3rd: Invader Autocannon-R2
4th: Agrya
5th: Invader Mecha Bear
6th: Invader Mecha Spider-R
7th: Pakss
8th: Bricry
9th: Pasin
10th: Tiarff
11th: Balrog

Chaos Arena Lv. 4:-Level range: 95~124-Required item: Miracle Key Lv. 4-Required item material: Upgrade Core (High)+ Royal fixer Lvl 4. + Raw Platinum , Formula Card Lv. 4

1st: Ice Ghoul Warrior
2nd: Death Flowers
3rd: Axion Stone Golem
4th: Ekzane
5th: Perzen Bhha
6th: Fellins Leurow
7th: Arban Raikette
8th: Angreas Schultz
9th: Killian Grausten
10th: Phantom Troll
11th: Berderk Falleos

Chaos Arena Lv. 5:-Level range: 125~170-Required item: Miracle Key Lv. 5-Required item material: Upgrade Core (High) + Royal fixer Lvl 5. + Raw Platinum, Formula Card Lv. 5

1st: Frozen Zombie Fighter
2nd: Flame Zombie Slayer
3rd: Bloody Harpy Warrior
4th: Dark Flame Knight
5th: Granite Golem
6th: Ectoleaf
7th: Lumberjack
8th: Entrita
9th: Ma06 Quadra
10th: Orca (4th form)
11th: UMD-03 Lautus Pluma
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