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 Forbidden Island (Lost World) b1f Dungeon Guide

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PostSubject: Forbidden Island (Lost World) b1f Dungeon Guide   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:09 pm

Upon entry, you have to talk to the NPC to begin.

1. This is the first boss, use bm2 + trans + debuffs to get him to half life, then extend and finish him off

2. Kill the red fish

3. Kill Cruel Bugdolphy

4. Same technique as the first boss

5. Kill these mobs to spawn the first Syarsor. He will appear further down the road.

6. Kill the Syarsor

7. Kill the red fish again

8. Kill Muchaa then click on Arhen

9. Get everyone in the fire pit room then bm2+aura and click on fire pit. Then kill Syarsor.

10. Kill Riott, then go to the side that is opposite to where the fire pit room is and kill ArcShielder

Choose your final boss here. Then go up stairs and kill the super hard
boss Syarsor with the Fire Spirit that heals you for -2000 dmg
click on Arhen, then click on your chosen NPC again, then click on
Arhen again. Then goto ArcShielder place where the door was closed

12. This is the Syarsor with the Fire Spirit
If you chose Captain Trugast: Go past ArcShielder’s door and get on the big ship.

13. Kill the morsus on the plank or you won’t be able to get on the ship

14. Kill the second Morsus on the top of the stairs

15. Come down stairs after killing the Morsus on top and Conna should spawn at the bottom. Kill her

16. After killing Conna, 1st Captain Trugast should spawn. Kill him

17. Kill the 2nd Captain Trugast on top of the stairs

18. Kill the 3rd form of Captain Trugast on top of the other stairs. This is the end of Forbidden Island

19. Different Ending

THE OTHER HAND. if you had chosen Queen Calamity, then you would not
have come onto the ship at all, instead you continue on the path that
takes you onto the ship. This path will lead to Kiias Rodon and you
will have to kill him. Then continue behind him ignoring the hitting
the walls to drop rocks on your head. Soon you will encounter the final
form of Kiias Rodon and kill him (you need LOTS of dmg). Behind him a
wall will open and you will have to kill Queen Calamity. The technique
is to kill it’s legs to lower it’s attack and def. If the queen goes
aod or shadowshield or epic regen mode, just kill Vital of Queen or
Fury of Queen and the buff should come down.

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Forbidden Island (Lost World) b1f Dungeon Guide
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