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 This is what i use

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This is what i use Empty
PostSubject: This is what i use   This is what i use Icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2009 6:17 pm

This is what i use for pve combo

Extreme Duel Cannon (12) = G.Master
Space Collapse (12) = Completer
Energy Field (18) = A.Expert
Arctic Field (15) = A.Master

I have the following two also on same bar for when combo breaks and skills are still in cool down
Hail Storm (20) = Master
Acid Trap (20) = Expert

Upgrade Skills (This is what i have)
Force Control
Damage Absorb
Ruling Force
Six Sense

Buffs that i have
Force Increase (20)
Sharpness (20) not for wiz u use for other ppl
Hardness (20)
Resist Intention (19) don't use at all keepin it for when i reach 170
High Regeneration (20)
Spirit Intension (20) Always forget 2 use this one when in party
Mass Restore (20)
Art of Force Control (20)
Raise Spirit (20)

I also have some Cannon and Lances
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This is what i use
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