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 Lost Island Compass & Siena

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PostSubject: Lost Island Compass & Siena   Lost Island Compass & Siena Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 12:50 pm

Hello Everyone,

We need 2 start doing these runs for this you will need 2 be lvl 140+ with rank up completed.
We will also need full party for this thats 7 ppl.

When we do these hard dungons you have 2 remember watch your heath, and your BM's when it is about 2 run out you have 2 move away so u can BM again after cooltime.
Also for these dungon runs we will need to be able to use vent so everyone will need 2 download this makes it better so we don't have 2 type normally = death so if we just talk would b better.

Farm or save up so you can buy these cards. They drop in LS, MF, PF i think the best place is in MF.

Vent info


Port number: 3956

Pass word:outcasts
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Lost Island Compass & Siena
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